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Arrrgghhh! Off Skype after a conversation with a Chinese maker with whom we are discussing laptop sleeves. It is SO hard to explain why we don't want standard stuff. I think she thinks I am just being difficult. This is just early days and I am working up to talking to her about wild Baroque fabrics.
I must post about some of this to Making Dreams Work. It's actually a big, big issue for small designers like us, to get things made professionally (I don't think home-sewn laptop bags work) and yet at the same time to give them individuality. We just can't slam money into the problem - and I'm not sure that would be wise even if we could do it. We need to go step by step. But of course, I am currently thinking over the top decorative bags and I need to rein in a bit maybe and just focus on getting the printed laptops - which are beautiful - off the ground first.
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The first full samples of our new shoulder-bag/handbag designs arrived today. Again, we are having these part factory-made to our specification, then we will do the printing, sewing on the flaps and the finishing here. These will gradually replace our current silk shoulder bags (they are much smaller and dressier than the messengers) and we've put an awful lot of thinking into getting them just right.

I realised the other day that the buzz-phrase for this is of course "mass customisation" - I'd never quite termed it that before. Then I realised (hey, two realisations in one day!) that it's something I've been interested in for many years. I think it's the way much good product design will go next - instead of mass-production versus small-scale hand-production it provides a potentially fantastic way of combining the two.

The samples are beautiful - this is a whole new level for us as these are up there with 150GBP ($300) designer bags - in fact better than some I've seen. It means lots of hard thinking about the kinds of imagery and fabric to use for the flaps. Hugely exciting but also quite demanding.

Price? I don't want to go for real high-end designer prices. I'm more interested in being accessible - I like the notion of people being able to just enjoy these bags - than being exclusive. On the other hand we may think about doing the odd really lavish "special" with lots of antique fabrics and components and embroidery. I'd love that.

I won't post pictures as we have a lot of small tweaks yet (the strap is not quite right, and one internal pocket is too big) and also the bags are of course only part-made. However, expect - with luck and a good shipping service - to see these appearing on our shop in early October.

Meantime, well, I suppose I am just going to have to get a couple of samples - one in black, one in silver - made up here and complete with flaps. Then I will have to wear them to test them out. A hard task but you know, I'm dedicated.
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A nice day of wondering less about theory (though be warned, I really am going to come back to that one as there are all sorts of things I'm working out in my own mind) and more about DOING design.

Aida is now helping us out part-time (long, long story about Vassa - basically she is alright thank GOD, but has been through a large operation due to an emergency situation and has gone home to Ukraine, probably permanently). Today we decided to pull out the new silks from India and take a couple of hours to consider new shapes and ideas. Good fun - and I think we came up with some beautiful possibities. Not once did "Modernism" and its discontents even enter my head. Like all the best design sessions we did some of it in a newish cafe that's opened. Wonderful fresh salad. Fabulous genuinely made-on-the-premises cakes. Great coffee. Perfect for getting ideas going. One day I want to talk here about the link between good design and good baking ("OMG - just get ON with the bags" is probably what you're thinking).

Anyway, here is a taste (no pun intended) of the new silks.
They are actually simply amazing in person - the new silks are wonderful and there is no way we can even begin to capture the way they change colour in the light. Maybe this some impression, though it still doesn't get the sense of the way the colours respond to movement:

More pictures here )
So - we finished the afternoon by meeting with Romana and asked her to try out some sample patterns (she's a brilliant pattern maker) and also hand-dye some cream silk brocade into a soft "tea" colour - and did some asymmetric things with copper, black and gold/black brocade. The overall plan is some black and white, sepia and cream and soft indigo (imagine a denim coloured silk) and cream fairytale drawings. Watch this space - in about a month I think.

Tomorrow... the fashion shoot team reassembles and we all go off to Vysehrad cemetery:

to shoot the Gothic scenes. In which Aida (who when not designing things is a part-time professional model) stars. I love doing these fashion shoots - the last one was utterly exhausting and hugely good fun.
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This month we are in Parq Magazine. It's fun and I'm pleased because tarot doesn't often make it out of the "New Age" and into more general publications. This makes it particularly satisfying.

Download the PDF here
and scroll down to Page 12. The English transation is on Page 78.

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We now have real cards - though only a few. Here is a photo I took this morning (I also put it on Aeclectic, but I know lots of people here don't visit the forum).


I would also like to welcome my dear [ profile] yourjik to LiveJournal! Please do go and say hello if you feel like it. English or Russian is fine (replies in English take longer).

He says that he finally has time to begin to learn how to use LJ. Plus he has found conversations with [ profile] grinat interesting enough to prompt him to join.

I'm pleased :)


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