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Three good things so far today:

1. I managed finally to get to the French Patisserie here and it's wonderful - had a nice chat with the chef/owner who is from Frejus. The kitchen is open to the cafe and watching him work is magical. I bought the MOST elaborate little cake to bring home - a supper treat (oh heavens, that means two cakes in one day as of course I had one there - okay, maybe for tomorrow then).

2. I found light bulbs that actually fit my stupid but very lovely "egg lights". I bought these years ago in a design shop in Shad Thames in London - in the days when I was a "des-SIG-ner" as a friend used to put it - and realised later that it's almost impossible to get bulbs to fit the things. So much for "design" (I really don't admire design that is actually just about style). Anyway, I found something called a pygmy bulb today that fits. For the first time in six years I can now switch the things on. They cast a very soft, nice light, I will give them that.

3. I arrived at the new flat to find the lady upstairs had left me two tea-towels, beautifully washed, ironed, individually packed in bags and then into another bag and hung on our front door. These towels had been hung outside our French windows a fortnight ago by the owner's cleaners and I'd noticed that they'd fallen down into the garden below, but couldn't at that stage (before we had the key) retrieve them. Thank goodness for a neighbour who seems considerate, sweet and domestic. Good-bye Brit stag parties, hello Czech house-fraus.

Now, all I have to worry about is the little, very tame female blackbird who has built her nest - gulp - outside our new front door. I need to have a serious talk to the cats about which birds are out of bounds.
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More from the conference of film special effects soon. And much, much more of the larger-than-lfe Bohemian Cat (modelled on our Eight of Wands cat).
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It's taking a while to get these all done - we just got submerged under wholesale orders (all to Japan, China and Korea interestingly enough) but here is one that we just made for an individual order. If you are reading this and it's yours, it came out looking GREAT and I want one!

Lots more pictures here )
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In fact I made the last entry private since yesterday. Why, I have no idea.

Anyway, I feel oddly touched to see that one of our bags is on the wishlist of someone in Russia:

Alex used to be very sceptical about our work being popular in Russia, but he's proved, happily, to be wrong. Now I see that as a challenge - I have to find a distributor in Ireland to keep my end up!


On another and totally bizarre note, Banzai has now begun to protest loudly not only when we cough, sneeze, whistle or - believe it or not - sing, but he has just today developed a strong objection to Queen. Now fortunately I don't listen to Queen all that much, but having the cat wailing in indignation right through "Under Pressure" is, well, odd. I do wonder if he used to be John Peel in his last life. (you know, the expression is the same, it really is).
He has a sort of Peel-like laidbackness. Perhaps I should do a "Past Life" reading for him. With Bohemian Cats of course. I may try playing him "Teenage Kicks" Peel's favourite record, just as a test. YeGods, I feel like someone looking for the new Dalai Lama. Though of course he is never reincarnated as a large white cat with grey splodges.


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