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posted by [personal profile] babastudio at 02:46pm on 04/04/2009
There are a lot of these rustic ones around. They tend to be horribly expensive, they hold almost nothing and sadly I think nowadays they are mostly fake. Still, very pretty. But we will go for something more practical.

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This one would intimidate me. It's ten times our budget anyway, and it's so Biedermeier I would be scared of opening it to take my tights out in the morning. I feel this is a wardrobe that does not DO teeshirts.

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Sorry, this is perhaps boring, but the next obsession for this month will be finding wardrobes. We will actually have room for some large wardrobes - and we see some brilliant ones at auction here - and so this will be fun.

I'll post some of the more interesting examples - I feel Bohemian Wardrobe Season coming up. What I am looking for, of course, is the one that leads to Narnia.

This one seems to me to be unsure if it's grand or rustic. Not sure if I like it. Still, beats Ikea and is actually going for a good deal less.
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posted by [personal profile] babastudio at 12:04pm on 04/04/2009
As we can see the windows of the new flat from the current flat I have begun taking an interest. Just as I was nosily peering across this morning, a woman came out and hung American flags out on her balcony (she has a balcony - envy, envy, we will just have a "Juliet" balcony - effectively bars across French windows, though still nice). Looks like she is airing them and preparing for tomorrow.

I found my reaction interesting. Initially that knee-jerk, "Ugh". Then the realisation that's it's Obama, not Bush and so the flags have come to mean a whole different thing - and I suddenly feel warm towards her preparations.

Has anyone else noticed that Obama always thanks the "minions"? I just watched him walk up to his translator at NATO and thank him - the guy looked stunned then delighted. I love this - he does not ignore the people that politicians nearly always ignore. Very impressive.
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Actually, surprisingly nice, even though it is sitting perched on top of a very damp house. It's a possibility, although our living space would be a bit small - the really beautiful room is the attic, which would be great as a huge work room. Easy for the cats as bizarrely the third floor of the house turns out to be the ground floor at the back (so the whole house is built against a hill, which presumably explains the damp). They would have the entire grounds of a monastery to run around in.

All the same, I have some reservations about this one. It was a little dark as the windows are small.
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Cervicek also warned residents living along the Evropska street against opening windows and against any suspicious behaviour while the motorcade with Obama will be passing on its way from and to the airport.


I wonder what would constitute "suspicious behaviour"?
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Information for the public

Gates open at 7am. Early arrival is encouraged.

Public entry is from Loretánská and Kanovnická.

This event is free and open to the public. Tickets are NOT required.

Map of Hradčany Square area

Please limit personal belongings. For security reasons, do not bring bags. No signs or banners.

Prohibited items include:

Weapons of any kind
Supports for signs
Thermal or glass containers
Laser pointers
Animals other than helper/guide dogs
Any other items determined to be a potential safety hazard
Surrendered items will not be returned


and oh good grief. He is going to stand in front of only chosen people and the "public" will be stuffed into a tiny little corner at the back, where we will only be able to see a glimpse of him sideways on. We're going to be hundreds of metres away (well, okay one hundred metres) and there will only be room for 1000 people or so. HMPH!

AND I now know why our friend with a shop in that area told us today she was just fined - more than $200 - for putting a model wearing some of her handmade clothing outside her shop door - obviously the police are already keeping everything clear. Oh drat. There is almost no way we will get in. I wonder if we know anyone at all who lives in sight of the podium - we nearly do, but not quite.

Oh well, every cloud... our friend's daughter has a little new cafe just there - she'll make an absolute fortune if it's the only place anyone can get a cup of coffee.

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posted by [personal profile] babastudio at 04:42pm on 01/04/2009

BBC coverage of the G20. I know that many of the protesters are probably prats, but so what? I do think this kind of protest is necessary - I mean, do we all sit here nicely and continue to be chewed up and spat out by the banks? Better to at least sabre rattle a bit now before it gets worse.

On a more contemplative note, I find these big media moments fascinating because the "new" media is having such an impact now. We can actually communicate and see what's happening without any intermediates. I was really amused to hear that the Met are "monitoring Twitter" - good luck with that! I honestly doubt they can keep up - a lot of the tweets are under a whole different set of search terms already.

I am truly proud of the lectures I did with Greenpeace years ago when I was a lecturer at the notorious North London Poly (as it then was) on how to use technology for organisation. I like to think it all helped.

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Did a tarot reading (Tarot of Prague) on the flats and it was another case of the ToP being almost wickedly literal. It came down very strongly on one place. Hmm, so, let's see what happens.
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Perhaps not. A shame, as the flat we are now considering is RIGHT where Obama will be speaking. Seems all roads lead to...

There are now the first notices saying that the castle square will be closed off for three days - so it's all true! It's not that big so I'm a bit worried that if too many people turn up they will close access. Looks like an early start on Sunday then. I'm still hoping for the walk past too, but less convinced that that part looks likely now.

If I was feeling better I would consider making more of a carnival of it, but as it is, I'll be doing well if I manage to stay upright for a couple of hours. Still, hopefully I'll be feeling more human by Sunday.


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