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Three good things so far today:

1. I managed finally to get to the French Patisserie here and it's wonderful - had a nice chat with the chef/owner who is from Frejus. The kitchen is open to the cafe and watching him work is magical. I bought the MOST elaborate little cake to bring home - a supper treat (oh heavens, that means two cakes in one day as of course I had one there - okay, maybe for tomorrow then).

2. I found light bulbs that actually fit my stupid but very lovely "egg lights". I bought these years ago in a design shop in Shad Thames in London - in the days when I was a "des-SIG-ner" as a friend used to put it - and realised later that it's almost impossible to get bulbs to fit the things. So much for "design" (I really don't admire design that is actually just about style). Anyway, I found something called a pygmy bulb today that fits. For the first time in six years I can now switch the things on. They cast a very soft, nice light, I will give them that.

3. I arrived at the new flat to find the lady upstairs had left me two tea-towels, beautifully washed, ironed, individually packed in bags and then into another bag and hung on our front door. These towels had been hung outside our French windows a fortnight ago by the owner's cleaners and I'd noticed that they'd fallen down into the garden below, but couldn't at that stage (before we had the key) retrieve them. Thank goodness for a neighbour who seems considerate, sweet and domestic. Good-bye Brit stag parties, hello Czech house-fraus.

Now, all I have to worry about is the little, very tame female blackbird who has built her nest - gulp - outside our new front door. I need to have a serious talk to the cats about which birds are out of bounds.
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posted by [identity profile] at 02:27pm on 12/05/2009
The pictures of the patisserie are making me drool. Not a good thing for a keyboard.

I think you have found a lovely place with lovely people to surround you. Blackbirds can be SO tame. There were some fledglings in my garden last week and they ate form my hand while Mama watched anxiously but didn't swoop at me.
posted by [identity profile] at 03:08pm on 12/05/2009
I can empathize with you about the birdies. Right now I am dealing with a pair of silly sparrows that built their nest IN the silk flower wreath on the front door!
posted by [identity profile] at 03:24pm on 12/05/2009
Oh no! Blackbirds have always been my cats' number one choice of delicacy. I arrived home a few weeks ago to a weak cheeping and found a fledgling under my bed, my cat watching from a distance. Bird was taken back outside and cat kept in for the rest of the day.

Neighbour sounds lovely btw.
posted by [identity profile] at 07:34pm on 14/05/2009
I found out today that the silly bird is nesting right over the porchway. Well, I suppose as there has been no-one living there for six months she must have thought it was ideal. I'm not sure how I can stop our cats trying to climb up there, I'll just have to do my best.


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